7 Steps To Get A Flawless DIY Manicure Every Time

Looking for ways to save but still have luxurious nails? Substitute your usual salon visit — or ditch the pricey habit altogether — by doing your nails at home. Here are seven steps to get a flawless do-it-yourself manicure every time. 

Hydrate and exfoliate your hands

The perfect DIY manicure starts before the actual filing and polishing begins. Make a habit of regularly exfoliating and moisturizing your hands to ensure your nails and the skin around them are healthy. Try using the SeneDerm® Body Scrub, which contains moisturizing elements such as cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter. After sloughing off dead skin cells with the scrub, conclude the pampering session with SeneDerm Hand Cream. The natural ingredients like white tea and algae extracts, as well as aloe vera and vitamin E, will help soothe skin and seal in the hydration.

Strengthen and lengthen your nails

A smooth, even manicure calls for strong, crack-free nails. If your nails frequently break, show them some extra TLC. SeneDerm Solutions NailExtend is an excellent product for helping you achieve stronger, longer nails more rapidly as it’s specially formulated with SenePlex Complex™ and growth-enhancing peptides. Simply apply this cuticle treatment once or twice per day, as needed, to condition both the cuticle and nail bed.

Pick the right shape

It’s also important to choose the right shape of nails before starting your manicure. Rounded, oval-shaped nails are the best choice to avoid tears and snags. Though, if you do want to try a trendy square nail shape, make sure to round the edges on either side of the nail to minimize the chance that they’ll catch on things. 

Step up your nail-filing technique

When filing down your nails before painting them, check that you’re using the right type of nail file and filing technique. If the file is too rough, it could cause your nails to chip or split. Choose a nail file with a 240-grit count or higher and when filing them, file from the outer edges toward the center. This will help protect your nails instead of using the common see-saw technique, which can actually weaken them.

Pick the right hue

Choose a nail polish color that compliments your skin tone. Corals and grays suit all complexions, but if you’re fair-skinned, try purples and reds. If you have a medium-toned complexion, try metallics and blues. Dark skin tones pair well with golds and deep reds.

Layer paint coats

Use a clear base coat as the first paint layer on your nails. Then apply the colored layer. Opt for two thin coats of the colored layer, rather than one thick one, for a smoother look. Lastly, apply another coat of clear paint to help seal in the color and prevent it from chipping.

Rule of Three

While some might prefer one swipe of the nail-polish applicator on each nail, try doing three instead. Three strokes of the nail polish will provide more coverage than one or two. Though, if you do need to touch up the small areas you missed, do so after the colored layer of paint dries to avoid smudging.

There ya go! Follow these tips, so you can enjoy the flawless, colorful nails you deserve!

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